DODS Visual Upgrade Pack

DODS Visual Upgrade Pack 1.0

This add-on brings DOD:S to full life without affecting performance very much
1.0 (See all)

The goal of this add-on pack is to bring DOD:S to full life WITHOUT affecting performance very much, if at all. All the skins are meant to keep the DOD:S look and feel while at the same time adding a lot more eye-candy and perhaps even a bit more realism. Hi-res textures, hi-poly custom models, skins that do not look similar to the defaults, bumpmaps for often-repeated map textures and models, class based player models - these things have been left out of the main installation file intentionally. There are many excellent works out there for DOD:S that did not fall under the guidelines I set for this pack. On the links page you will find many links for stuff like that if you are interested in looking further. All skins are the default sizes. The only things added were normal map and phong shaders to the v_model weapon skins. Performance-wise, if your computer can run DOD:S, it can run this add-on pack. The DOD Underground is simply a reference to the collection of dedicated modelers, skinners, coders, sound engineers, mappers and even players that work outside the official Valve radar to improve the content of the game. There are some alternate files that have hi-res skins that you can install instead.
I hope that you find something worthwhile in this pack. I think you will. Admittedly I geared the install pack towards newcomers to DOD:S who aren't terribly familiar with custom files and to the crowd that has yet to try DOD:S. However I think that there is still a large crowd of veteran players out there that look for 1-shot installs like this every now and then when looking for a change or re-installing the game itself. Much thanks goes to the DOD development team - I know they have not abandoned DOD. They have been given other assignments which keep them busy, and will return to DOD with new content when they are able. But until the time that update comes, I bring you this collection to use in it's place.

The major changes made were:
- changed appearance of skins to match specific uniform and equipment examples from WW2
- Major changes to the model shaders. Added much more detailed normal maps; phong shaders were reduced to eliminate the "plastic" look
- Added normal maps and phong shaders to all the first-person weapons
- Hi-Res version of the skins are extremely detailed

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